Search Engine Optimization

I do extensive on site organic (that means you don't pay search engines) SEO, short for search engine optimization, and I will advise on your on site campaign.
While most people understand the importance of SEO, the fact that over 200 ever-evolving factors go into determining where each website ranks makes it easy to see why there is so much confusion over the process.
Over the years there have been major updates to the infamous “algorithms.” Some ranking factors become obsolete while other new ones are added. It can be easy to lose track of what works and what doesn’t.
The good news is that there are certain pillars of optimization that stay the same over time, and the first step in ranking is to build an excellent website that focuses on solid on page optimization with the build.
While many people talk about off page SEO and link building, if on-page optimization isn’t done correctly then all other efforts are handicapped. At Victorious, on page SEO is a fundamental and integral part of the SEO process.
What is SEO? – Search engine optimization represents the process of implementing specific practices on your website, both internally and externally, that increase the organic search engine traffic to your pages.
What is on page SEO? – On page SEO represents the process of perfecting meta data information, media, website code, and user-friendly content for search engines.
Why is it so important? – You could have the best content on the internet for your target keywords, but if your on page SEO is not optimized for those keywords, you will never rank on search engines.
How long does it take to see results? – This answer is highly dependent on the keywords you want to target and your current page content. If you have low-competition keywords and high quality content, on page optimization can generate quick results.
If your keywords are high competition and you have low quality content? The process can take a year or longer.