Why Does Pigfox Primarily Develop in Go?

Simply put, Go is fast – in fact, it’s very fast, especially when compared to traditional web languages, such as HTTP. It has some of the most stringent safety features and built-in concurrency of any programming language currently on the market.
Golang avoids the speed constraints faced by other thread-based languages and allows us to provide a higher quality product for our clients. This results in a web application that is faster, more secure, and able to provide a more streamlined customer service experience for your clientele. Go is rapidly changing programming for the better, and switching over to Golang may significant reduce both the time and cost of your app development and support over the long term.
If your business provides an e-commerce or on-demand service functionalities, you should strongly consider migrating to Go. If you’re wondering how to do so, Pigfox is more than happy to offer you a consultation on how to go about doing so.

What Kind of Apps Have You Developed in Go?

  • SMS apps
  • APIs
  • Banking apps
  • Websites
  • PWAs
  • You name it...