Peter Sjolin

Venice Beach, Ca

15 yrs experience hand-coding HTML, JavaScript, 10 yrs years PHP/MySql. Team leader & mentor for junior programmers, trainer. Database architect.

Skill Set:
Web: Symfony, Zend, Kohana, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Drupal, Wordpress, Smarty & Savant 3 Templates, X/D/HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, DOM, CCS-P(tableless design), CSS LESS, Responsive design, Twitter Bootstrap CSS, PHP 4 & 5, XML/XSL, Apache, Weblogic, IIS, DOM, SOAP, HAWHAW, Python, Perl.
Database: MySql 5 stored procedures, MSSQL 7, Oracle 9i & MongDB.
OS: Win NT/2K Pro, SUN Solaris 6.02, Red Hat, Mandrake, Suse, Ubuntu Linux.
Programming: C, C++ (academic experience only)
IDE: Ultra Edit, Notepad++, Eclipse, Navicat.
Version Control: MS SourceSafe, Tortoise SVN Subversion, Perforce, GIT
SEO: Google Adsense/Webmaster experience. URL rewrite.
Ecommerce: Magento, X-Cart, osCommerce + my own custom solution.
Scientific: MatLab, Mathematica.

Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform 1.4.

1/11/2014 - Present
PigFox LLC (own business), Reno, NV.

3/3/2014 - 10/31/2014
Securebuycommerce, Senior PHP Software Developer.
* Used Symfony2 to build API for credit card fraud prevention.
* Built Magento Community Edition extension to finger print transaction data for transmission to API.

2/2/2008 - 3/2/2014
PigFox LLC (own business), Reno, NV.
* Optimized MySql table for bank file, decreasing processing time from ~8 hrs to ~17mins.
* Implemented infinite scroll for JSI
* Developed API for clip upload by iPhone to (dead url)
* Implemented Google two factor authentication on BTCFunds, a Bitcoin exchange.
* Wrote models and implemented Memcache for Scriball.
* Built bank system, admin module, using credits for real $ for JSI, a SaaS company.
* Implemented "Google like search" for JSI.
* Built custom DB query caching system for JSI, resulted in ~33% speed increase.
* Built and as mobile web app vs web site, aka dynamic skin.
* Used C# Razor view engine for ATT Facebook project.
* Built Drupal 7 modules for Amazon EC2, querying MongoDB with JSON via jQuery AJAX.
* Installed & configured LAMP on Amazon EC2 server via Putty.
* Used Knockout.js for CMS.
* Rewired "Pingtree" project for (dead url) using Zend, integrated multiple lender APIs.
* Used Zend/Smarty/Ajax to build components for
* Used Codeigniter 2.0 to build Twillio phone admin system for
* Used Mocha UI for internal scheduling, actualization, timecard asset mgmt application at NTropic.
* Recycled old site, using MVC approach enabled skinning of various incarnations of the Salary Calculator. Php/MySql/Smarty/Ajax
* Opportunity Lens Prototype Project for RAND Corp, a data mapping visualization solution, it's admin is a hybrid of phpmyadmin & cpanel, implementing EAV using LAMP/AJAX/Smarty. (c2c)
* Wrote WAP/WEB controllers/templates/sql queries for (c2c)
* Reverse engineered instant message app for
* Added functionality for
* Wrote entire using Kohana 3.
* Wrote modules in Symfony for
* Installed Magento and modified skin.
* Wrote reporting tool for
* Implemented TAPIOCA API for wireless video subscription for Playboy.
* Implemented 3Cinteractive API for wireless image subscription Playboy.

9/12/07 - 2/1/08
eSpeed a division of Cantor & Fitzgerald.
* Modified, added functionality on, a virtual stock exchange.
* Reengineered from a procedural application to a strict PHP5 OO solution.
* Created RSS and XML for widgets on
* Wrote SQL reports for catching cheaters on

6/22/07 - 8/10/07
TekSystems freelance @ AEG, LA, Ca (W2 contract).
* Built OO PHP 5 CMS for designing and extending base classes for data manipulation in mySQL.

6/1/2005 - 6/22/07
PigFox LLC (own business), Reno, NV.
Clients:, Los Angeles, Ca. (c2c)
iMedia, Santa Monica, Ca. (c2c)
DigiLink, Marina Del Rey, Ca. (c2c)
Senior Web developer, problem solver, DB designer PHP 4 & 5, mySQL.
* Built a member driven site where users can upload pictures, video, and resume type information. Video runs like or
* Built a web front end to manage secured login multi level user settings for Asterisk open source telephone system. (site on restricted domain)
* Implemented on
* Built a click tracking and reporting system.
* Utilized Web Services (XML) to connect to store.
* Implemented URL rewriting via .htaccess (mod_rewrite) for search engine optimization.
* Built custom CMSs, automatically adjusting to changing DB structure, another CMS for changing of photos.
* Built surveys, dynamic forms, databases and dynamic tables, dynamic queries.
* Built Business Process Management app, secure login over SSL, dynamic tables and folders.
(Admin creates user(s), client(s), producer(s), project manager(s) PM, projects and sections, assigns user(s) to sections(s). Designer uploads image(s), PM & producer get email, if producer approves image(s) for client review, client receives email that image(s) are ready for approval, if client approves producer and PM get emails else they get emailed comments from client).

3/16/2005 - 4/27/2005, New York, New York (Telecommuting). (1099)
* Senior developer, built heavily data driven wireless Web application.
* DB designer, designed extensions of DB.
* Wrote pages enabling authenticated user to edit data.
* Wrote dynamic forms and catching scripts.
* Utilizing CURL, XHTML, PHP 4.3.1, mySQL, JavaScript, CSS.

11/2004 - 3/15/2005, Redondo Beach, California. (1099)
* Built heavily data driven business Web application.
* Co designer of DB, designed additions of DB, 15 tables in DB.
* Wrote complex multiple queries using authenticated user login.
* Wrote sorted queries displayed on multiple pages.
* Utilizing XHTML, OO PHP, mySQL, JavaScript, CSS.
12/2003 - 11/2004 (1099), Los Angeles, California.
* Chief architect and designer, implemented entire site.
* Implemented off the shelf shopping cart.
* Utilized PHP, XHTML, frames, iframes, CSS.

9/2003 - 12/2003, Los Angeles, California. (W2 contract)
* Wrote queries for Oracle to display inventories of online shop.
* Edited Struts for navigation.
* Utilized Java, JSP, XML, and Struts, Oracle 9i, for enhancements on Web site.

3/2002 - 9/2003 (W2)
Luna Imaging, Inc., Culver City, California.
* Performed blackbox testing on LUNA Insight Software Systems, JAVA.
* Scanned images, multitasked projects.

6/2001 - 3/2002 Venice Beach, California. (1099)
Freelance Web Developer.
* Built ASP forms for collection of patient data, written to MS SQL 7, designed database.
* Built parameter driven applet, displaying patient data.
* Built dating site using PHP.
* Built CMS and display for insurance quotes in Java, JSP, XML, Oracle 8i.

11/2000 - 6/2001, Santa Monica, California. (W2)
* Chief architect and developer of corporate Website and intranet, and portal.
* Modified, and added functionality to data driven customer service software interface.
* Utilized ASP, PERL, XML, XSL.

11/1999 - 11/2000 DNA Studio Beverly Hills, California. (1099)
* Team leader (5-6 people) & mentor during production of various Websites.
* Built, in a team, a heavily data driven Web gambling application.
* Worked with QA department in debugging of Webapps.
* Utilized PHP, PERL, ASP, JSP, Java, XML, XSL, mySQL, MS SQL 7.

8/1996 - 11/1999 Luna Imaging, Inc., Venice Beach, California. (W2)
Same as above.

University of California at Los Angeles. BS General Mathematics with specialization in computing 1999.